Kayalar Kimya, one of the top 500 industrial companies of Turkey that fuels national economy through investments, subsidiaries and exportation volume, creates new assets at R&D laboratories and assures long lasting sustainable growth.

R&D Center, having 1700 m2 laboratory area and 70 professional staff, is singlehandedly one of the most important reasons that made Kayalar Kimya one of the few select manufacturers in Europe. The center launches joint projects with several national, international universities, research institutions and scientific institutions, especially TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and the center is capable of producing customized products that will specifically meet customer demands since it is able to produce over 100 types of resin, and this capability distinguishes the company from other players in the sector. 


  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate 
  • R&D Center Certificate 
  • EN 71.3 Migration of Heavy Metals 
  • TSE Certificate 
  • TS EN 13501-1. Experiments related to Construction Materials’ Reaction to Fire 
  • TS EN 13823. Thermal Exposure with Single Burning Item Experiment (SBI Test: Single Burning Item)
  • TS EN 11925-2. Flammability with Single Flame Source Test (Small Flame Test)


  • 3rd Chemicals R&D Project Market / Most Contributor Industrialist Award 
  • 3rd Chemicals R&D Project Market / Grand Prize in Industrialists Category 
  • 3rd Chemicals R&D Project Market / Grand Prize in Entrepreneurship Category
  • 3rd Chemicals R&D Project Market / Most Contributor Industrialist Award 
  • 3rd Chemicals R&D Project Market / Second Prize in Industry 
  • Furniture R&D Market / Grand Prize in Industry Category 


  • Developing Fire Resistant Wood Varnish and Paint Systems (1501)
  • Developing Water Based, UV Curing Topcoat Varnish and Paint Systems (1501)
  • Developing Heat Insulated Interior – Exterior Wall Primer and Paint Materials with Micro Ceramic Particles (1501) 
  • Developing Water Based and UV Systems for Hi-tech MDF Printed Panel Painting Lines (1501)


Kayalar Kimya R&D Center invites you to jointly shape and give a novel touch to the future. Kayalar Kimya R&D Center embraces open innovation model and we encourage you to share your projects, ideas in order to find opportunities of joint work.

Customer and Supplier Cooperation Platform
Kayalar Kimya’s Customer and Supplier Cooperation Platform improves innovation potential through innovative ideas and projects created based on mutual cooperation and the platform enables buyers and suppliers to design joint R&D projects. 

University – Industry Cooperation Platform 
Kayalar Kimya’s University – Industry Cooperation Platform helps turning innovative projects and ideas of university students and academicians into industrial business outcomes. Projects and academic dissertations selected are supported and implemented as joint projects of university – industry cooperation. 

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