The Technical Support and Application Center located in Istanbul Headquarters of Kayalar Kimya has​

  • Spray cabin
  • Positive Pressure drying room
  • Spray robot
  • Cylinder machines
  • Curtain machine
  • Drying tunnels
  • TL furnace
  • UV lamps that are used on painting processes by
  • Kitchen, bathroom, living room, baby room, office, table, chair, musical instrument etc. furniture manufacturers,
  • Manufacturers of mass production items such as door, painted boards, background boards, UV painted glossy board and parquet, 
  • Manufacturers of window ledge, wooden house, garden furniture, pergola and all wood materials used on exterior walls. 

There is a Technical Support and Application Center on Istanbul Headquarters of Kayalar Kimya. This Center enables preparing simulations for client’s painting processes as well as making accurate analysis of applications and quickly receiving outcomes. Besides, clients might apply and experience the system best for them by changing product and application method parameters.