Genç, a leading global brand in furniture paint and varnish sector, is a subsidiary of Kayalar Kimya since 1976.

Kayalar Kimya is the leading manufacturer of furniture paint and varnish sector in Turkey with its 23 % market share, 500 different products and production capacity of 3000 different product types.

The company's growth strategy is based on a mission that focuses on innovative product and services as well as having fast and flexible action taking capabilities and being open to global markets.

Kayalar Kimya offers a stable and reliable production environment at its production facilities located on total area of 59 thousand m2 in Turkey and Spain and equipped with the state of art technology as well as advanced automation system. As the  5th  largest furniture paint and polish manufacturer of Europe, in terms of production capacity, Kayalar Kimya ranked as the 76th company on 2013 Coatings World List which announces the most prestigious companies all around the world. 

Kayalar Kimya improves its competitive capacity by using the globally accepted best practices and initiatives and Turkish Exporters’ Union rewarded the company with “Star of Export” award in recognition of export performance in 60 countries.